Kaffeinated Kodemonkey offers four(4) types of certification to make sure your site meets all the criteria needed for your industry and audience.

Our team starts with a full site evaluation and compiles a How-To-Fix Report to help your team resolve any accessibility issues found.

Certification types:

  • WA-Certification: W3C/WAI’s Web Content Accessibility Guideline for WCAG compliance
  • WA-508 Certification: WCAG plus U.S. Federal accessibility standard for 508 Compliance
  • WA-EU Certification: WCAG plus European Union’s Accessibility requirements for EU compliance
  • WA-Compleat Certification: Incorporates all three of the above standards for full Compliance

For a product to be certified as ADA compliant it must meet all WCAG criteria for Level AA. Our Certifications are comprised of the following items and are good for one(1) year from the date issued:

  • Document of Validation vaifing your site pass all required criteria
  • An Accessibility Statment - to place on you webasite describing your policy, goals, and accomplishments related to web accessibility
  • Validation Badge - Indicationg the type of certification, level of compliance, and expiration date

Who should be Certified?

All websites, online documents, and web application should have a certification.

When a website follows the WCAG guidelines it helps increase search engine and marketing efforts. Search Engines are essence disabled. They can't see or hear and when a website is designed using the POUR principals it allows the search engined spiders to see and hear thus pushing your site above others less accessible.

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