Why Monitor Accessibility?

Websites are always changing and so are the WCAG requirements.

You have user-generated content, for example, School may allow departments to manage content for their section, developers may be adding new features or updating current ones. This can become a daunting process trying to keep up with it all and train users on new accessibility requirements.

Our goal is to keep companies, business, schools, and Governments in line with WCAG and Section 508 requirements.

We offer a platform that helps monitor your website for accessibility and notifies you of any Accessibility issues and how to improve them. Knowing which accessibility issues your team/organization makes most frequently can help with in house training and your staff becomes more efficient.

The monitoring platform is powered by time-tested and popular WAVE accessibility evaluation engine offering the best in Accessibility Monitoring.

Accessibility Monitoring Includes:

Unlimited Sites & Scanning: You can have as many websites in your account as you want, as long as they are all websites owned by your organization and are for your organization. You can rescan your pages as many times and as often as you want. You can scan on demand, scan at scheduled intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.), or do both.

Accessible Reports: Dashboard reporting granted with "view only" access and on-demand and scheduled email reports

Track progress over time: Track your whole organization, sub-groups, and individual websites and Monitor Alerts and Errors as they decrease or increase.

Full access to manage pages: You can choose which pages from your websites count against your unique page count. You can choose to add the whole website, or you can choose to include or exclude specific directories or pages.

Resolution Support Team: We work with you to onboard your websites, set which pages to scan, and provide training and support for your key user(s). We also have a growing repository of guides and support documents.

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