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A website does not stop changing. It's always being maintained, managed, and edited sometimes by a team of people. It can become exhausting to keep up with the accessibility guidelines and requirements and making sure your team is current on WCAG and/or Section 508 standards.

Our goal is to keeps companies, business, and Government in line with WCAG and Section 508 requirements.

We work with an affiliate that provides us with a platform for monitoring your website. We test your site and gives you clear direction on Accessibility issues and how to improve them. Know which Accessibility issues your team/organization makes most frequently and become more efficient.

  • Track your progress to evaluate your improvement & training efforts
  • Incress our ROI in Marketing & SEO and start reducing your bounce rate
  • Drive more visitors to your site with a better user experiance

Our developers build POUR websites that are accessibility drive and meet section 508 & WCAG standards. With this level of experience, we thought it was only logical to help you monitor your accessibility and keep you compliant.

We include a WCAG Certification with our Monitoring packages so you can rest assured your site is compliant.

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