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Accessibility Evaluation and Certification

Our Web Accessibilitiy expert has been through the WebAIM course and understands the requirments for ADA compliance with WCAG, Section 508, and EU and how it pertains to website and applicating content.

At Kaffeinated Kodemonkey we use the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template or VPAT document for our WCAG Certifications to validate your site or application is in conformance with WCAG, Section 508, and/or EU guidlines and standerds. We strive for a Level AA Compliance.

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Accessible Monitoring

Accessibility Monitoring

* $2495/$365 mo

  • Evaluation Audit
  • Compliance Report
  • How-To-Resolve
  • Monthly Monitoring
  • WCAG Certification
  • Requires 1 year contract

* Request Quote for Enterprise Monitoring

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WCAG Evaluation & Certification

WCAG Certification

$2495 one-time

  • Evaluation Audit
  • Compliance Report
  • How-To-Resolve
  • WCAG Certification


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Accessible Evaluation

Accessibility Evaluation

$695 one-time

  • Evaluation Audit
  • Compliance Report
  • How-To-Resolve



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*Pricing may vary based on the size of the site

VPAT Document Done right.

Don't waste your time trying to understand how to fill out a VPAT document. We have a web accessibility expert that can do this for you.

Our expert has been filling out VPAT's for all industries and understands the difference between the four (4) types documents and what the requirements are.

  • VPAT 508
  • Full VPAT
  • Each VPAT is designed to meet a specific requirement. Unless you have a pre-requested VPAT, our experts will discuss your needs and help determine the correct VPAT for your Certification.

    Get your VPAT Certification

    VPAT Documentation

    WCAG & Section 508 Explained

    "Every website and online-document is required to be accessible", there is no internet police monitoring every site for compliance and issuing tickets however, there are pending mitigations.

    Congress realized the internet needed to be accessible to everyone with disabilities. With the help of the W3C, the WCAG was created as the instructions for compliance. Lawyers will use these instructions against you so why not follow them now.

    Understanding WCAG & Section 508

    Understading WCAG & Section 508

    Accessibility Monitoring
    Stay in the know

    Don't Stop at an Evaluation or Certification, monitor your site and stay on top of compliance issue with a monthly Compliance Report.

    We know that websites grow and the code is ever changing, therefore, we strongly advised you sign up for monthly monitoring to keep you alerted of any issues that may arise as you fix bugs and grow your site.

    Start Monioring Accessibility

    VPAT Monitoring

    What are the Benefits?
    See for yourself.

    Web Accessibility is a great place to start to improve your marketing and SEO strategies. Globally people with disabilities have a $9 Billion dollar disposable income. Why would you not take part in this?

    With accessibility design, you will build a site that is responsive by nature and has a substantial user interface.

    • Increase traffic to your site
    • Have a site that is user-friendly
    • Make it easy for Search Engine index your site
    • Keep visitors on your site longer & lower your bounce rate
    • Stand out from your competition

    Bottom line is if you are doing Web Accessible for marketing or for Section 508 requirements you need to stay on top of it. We help you do that with VPAT Evaluations, Certifications, and Monitoring.

    Why Accessibility is important