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WCAG Certification

WCAG Certification

In order for your product to become WCAG Certified it has to meet all WCAG criteria to be considered compliant.

Therefore we will conduct a full evaluation and submit a How-To-Fix document notating any issues found that need to be resolved for us to issue a WCAG Certification. In some cases, we can issue a partial certification that allows you time to resolve issues and become completely certified.

Kaffeinated Kodemonkey offers four (4) types of Certifications:

  • WCAG Certification: W3C/WAI’s Web Content Accessibility Guideline for WCAG compliance
  • WCAG-508 Certification: WCAG plus U.S. Federal accessibility standard for 508 Compliance
  • WCAG-EU Certification: WCAG plus European Union’s Accessibility requirements for EU compliance
  • WCAG-Int Certification: Incorporates all three of the above standards for Full Compliance

Each Certification is comprised of a Web Accessibility Statment, a VPAT document and our certification badge indicating the level of compliance and date certified.

What is an Accessibility Evaluation?

Accessibility Evaluation is a process of examining a product to verify it meets the WCAG criteria standards up to level AA. This process is done through an automated evaluation via our accessibility script to programming analyzes the structure of each page.

This gives our Accessibility Expert a deeper analysis of each page. By return the number of Errors – Alerts – Features – Structural Elements – HTML5 & Aria Constant Errors our expert can further test the site for hands-free access, vision impairedness, low-vision, color-blind, learning disabilities, deafness,low-hearing, and more through assistive technology.

Once completed we will submit a How-To-Fix document outlining any issues and how to resolve them.

What is a VPAT Document?

Our expertise lies in accessibility driven development. Whether we are designing a website or Evaluating for a WCAG Certification we always use POUR design principals by WCAG to meets accessibility requirements.

We use the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), for our WCAG Certifications that follows the accessibility standards for Section 508 (U.S.), EN 301 549 (EU), and W3C/WAI WCAG. Some companies are required to fill out a VPAT before they can release a new product, others may need one to Certify that they have met the Accessibility requirements. We use the VPAT to certify that our sites are ADA compliant.

What is an Accessibility Statment?

This is a Statment we will create for you to place on your website along with your other site policy statements. An Accessibility Statment let's your users understand how your site is accessible, the technology used and generally outlines your steps to compliance.

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If you have been requested to fill a VPAT contact us, we will help you complete the form with a full evaluation and certification.

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